Night guards for teeth grinding

Do you wake up in the morning with a painful headache or aching jaw? This pain could be caused by grinding and clenching your teeth.

You don’t need to live with this type of pain every day — our experienced dentists can help you to find the best solution.

To help prevent damage to your teeth that grinding and clenching can cause, we can design a custom-fitted night guard. Simply place the night guard over your teeth when you go to bed. The guard will stop your teeth grinding against each other, so they don’t chip or crack.

Our night guards are high quality and comfortable because they are custom made to fit your teeth perfectly. You can buy a night guard over the counter but those are a one-size-fits all. A one-size-fits-all night guard won’t protect your teeth as well or be as comfortable overnight.

To help manage the pain caused by teeth clenching and grinding, our friendly dentists will look at why you might be grinding your teeth. The causes of grinding could be stress or misaligned teeth. In the case of stress, antiwrinkle or muscle-relaxant injections can be administered into the masseter muscle (your jaw) to stop you grinding at night. This will also relieve your pain. Rest assured our dentists will help you to work out how to manage or treat the cause so you’re no longer in pain.

a man dentist checking his patients jaw