These days having a filling is different from how it used to be. Our gentle dentists will carefully repair and restore your teeth using a tooth-coloured filling.

This type of filling can be used to restore or reshape decayed teeth, to fill gaps between teeth or even to remove stains.

There is no need to worry if you need a filling! We do fillings every day and your dentist will make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed.

We use modern equipment, local anaesthetic and the latest restorative materials to make sure your tooth-coloured filling will be pain free and blend in perfectly.

The Shine Bright Dental approach

During your appointment, and before we do anything, you’ll have the time to ask any questions and we’ll run through what will happen while you get your filling. Knowing exactly what to expect means you can relax more easily.

Your dentist will choose the right shade of colour for your filling and test your bite to make sure it is the ideal colour match and shape. We’re perfectionists; after your treatment you won’t even notice the filling is there because it will feel and look so natural.